1. Purpose of this Website

This website presents travel data in a well arranged form so that a customer and his fellow travelers are enabled to check the travel data of a precise booking in order to examine the data and clarify potential questions via the help of the service center that is named in the booking.

2. Limitation of Liability

The contents of this site are created with great care. AERTiCKET AG assumes no responsibility for the accuracy, completeness or validity of the content. Use of this website is at your own risk. The mere use of this website does not create any contractual relationship between the user and the AERTiCKET AG. This is merely a free of charge customer service provided by AERTiCKET AG.

3. Intent of the data of the travel itinerary provided on this website

It is the legitimate users own responsibility to check the information published here by the AERTiCKET AG against the information given by the Travel Agent or Online Portal involved in the booking, please contact your Travel Agent or Online Portal via the contact data provided in your booking if any differences are found, this includes prices, fare conditions, code share flight information of the retrieved travel itinerary. Any changes of your travel dates or times before departure can only be explained or carried out by your booking agent as well.

AERTICKET AG assumes no responsibility for any claim whatsoever arising from the use of Cosmita. This includes, for the following items:

  • Contract breach, act or omission on the part of suppliers and providers of products and ser-vices.
  • Supply disruptions for any reason to products or services related to your reservations and purchases, regardless of whether they are due to bankruptcy of the supplier or provider of travel product or travel service or resulting from money market crises, political or social unrest, strikes, mechanical problems or structural problems, climatic anomalies, local laws, diseases, emerging states, terrorist activities or other reasons caused beyond our control.
  • Prices, bookings, reservations or other purchasing or delivery, or any changes to them.

Please also consider that your flight reservation is subject to specific terms and conditions. You are obliged to read, check and uphold the agreed conditions.

4. External Links

This website contains links to other websites ('external links'). These websites are the responsibility of the respective operators. The AERTiCKET AG has made the first connection of these external links to the external content to establish whether there are any legal violations. At that time, no violations were found. The AERTiCKET AG has no influence on the current and future design and content of the linked pages. The inclusion of external links does not imply that the AERTiCKET AG is behind, owns or wishes to own the content shown.

Constant monitoring of these external links without concrete evidence of law violations is Impossible for the AERTiCKET AG. However any external links with rights violations that come to our attention will be deleted immediately.

5. Copyright and Performance Rights

The information published on this site is subject to German copyright and ancillary rights. Everything covered by the German copyright and ancillary copyright laws shall require the prior written consent of the owner or relevant right holder. This applies especially to reproduction, adaptation, translation, storage, processing and reproduction of contents in databases or other electronic media and systems. Contents and rights of third parties are marked as such. The unauthorized reproduction or distribution of content or complete pages is not allowed and punishable. Only the production of copies and downloads for personal, private and non-commercial use is allowed. The presentation of this website in external frames is only allowed with written permission.

6. Special Terms

Where special conditions for individual uses of this website differ to the above conditions 1 to 4 differ, it will be stated in the appropriate place. In these cases applies the specific terms of use.

Source: Sample Disclaimer of Juraforum.de in cooperation with experts Branchenbuch.de

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